Candle Holders Make For Easy Home Decorating

There was a time when candle holders were very simple and with little variety. Now you can find them in every shape and style. They are an easy way to add to and change the decor of any room.

Actually, candle holders have become so popular that many people use them as decoration although they never actually light the candles. Even unlit candles add beauty and elegance to a room. They somehow suggest the tranquility of the lit flame even when they are not.

Choices abound for candle holders so you may need to narrow down your options. Think about the types of candles you plan on using. The location and the purpose can also dictate what is best.

Many people opt for using tealight candles. These are convenient for many reasons. They will come in their own little tin so they do not tend to be messy. You can get candle holders than have room for just one tealight and spread them out throughout the rooms. Or, you can get a candle holder that holds several tealights which is a nice way to get a lot of light in one place. These are especially nice for use at a dining room table in place of the more traditional tapers.

Tealights are also nice because they do not last more than a few hours. This allows you to change the color and the scent of the candles you are using if you so desire. Even so, they last long enough so that you will not have to replace them during a meal.

If you want that traditional look for the table, you will need to look for holders that work with tapers. Though these will generally drip wax, they are still the most elegant look. Here again, you can find single taper holders as well as multiple such as a candelabra.

As far as designs go, there is every choice imaginable and in every material. You can choose from wood, glass, ceramic and wrought iron, just to name a few. These can be very simple flat dishes, extremely ornate or anything in between. They come in every color as well so it is a very easy task to find candle holders that will provide the perfect accent to any room.

You can find candle holders in all sorts of sizes as well. Some can fit on the tiniest of shelves. Others are meant to be placed on the floor. One option is to get holders in the same style but different sizes and place them together. It is also possible to get holders meant to be hung or to be wall mounted.

There are some candle holders that are meant to be used with floating candles. You fill these with water. This type also can be found in many sizes and shapes and for single or multiple candles. Floating candles also come in different shapes so you may choose to purchase ones shaped like flowers or add fresh flowers to surround them.

There are candle holders that fit with every type of decor. Changing your candles is a simple and inexpensive way to change the look of a room.

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